Calgary Dragons
Dragons teambar
Conference Western Conference (SHL)
City Calgary, Alberta
Colors Black, Red, Grey
General manager O4L
Head coach c00kies
Captain Esa Anrikkanen
Championships Two (S8, S9)

The Calgary Dragons are a professional ice hockey team based in Calgary, Alberta. They are one of the six original teams of the the SHL. The Calgary Dragons have won two Challenge Cups, which were back to back, in Seasons 8 and 9.

The team was founded in the inaugural season by former General Manager, cezar. The Calgary Dragons have been playing in the Pengrowth Saddledome (Calgary, AB) since their creation.

In Season 8, the Calgary Dragons won their first Challenge Cup, eight seasons after being created. They continued their performance into the following season, when they won the Cup a second time.

Hall of Fame Edit

The Calgary Dragons currently have ten people who were inducted into the SHL Hall of Fame. Those players are:

  • D - Erik Chisling
  • LW - Ron Bolt
  • GM - Nathan D'Angelo
  • LW - Pavol Skvoznak
  • G - Ryan Jesster
  • LW - Kain Webb
  • D - Aidan Richan
  • LW - Christoph Klose
  • C - Robert Spezza
  • C - Reggie Williams

Season Standings and History Edit

Season Record Playoffs
1 13-18-9 Did not qualify
2 20-17-3 Did not qualify
3 18-17-5 Lost in First Round
4 13-23-4 Did not qualify
5 21-15-8 Did not qualify
6 31-24-5 Lost in Second Round
7 26-20-4 Lost in First Round
8 25-20-5 Won Challenge Cup
9 34-16-0 Won Challenge Cup
10 41-7-2 Lost in Second Round
11 26-19-5 Lost in Finals
12 28-18-5 Lost in First Round
13 28-17-5 Lost in Second Round
14 33-14-3 Lost in First Round
15 24-21-5 Lost in Second Round
16 25-21-4 Lost in Second Round
17 29-15-6 Lost in First Round
18 22-20-8 Lost in First Round
19 27-21-2 Lost in First Round
20 24-20-6 Did not qualify
21 28-21-3 Did not qualify
22 23-24-5 Did not qualify