Edmonton Blizzard
Blizzard teambar
Conference Western Conference (SHL)
City Edmonton, Alberta
Colors Navy, Blue, Cream
General manager Cole Reinhart (teztify), Paul Sorenson (Jedi)
Captain Jakub Aittokallio
Championships Six (S3, S4, S13, S15, S16, S28)

The Edmonton Blizzard are a team in the Western Conference of the SHL.

Founded by Jay McDonald in Season 2 as the Edmonton Comets, the franchise would be re-branded as the Blizzard in Season 10.

The franchise is a five-time Challenge Cup Champion, winning in Seasons 3 & 4 as the Comets, and later in Seasons 13, 15 and 16 as the Blizzard. The Blizzard franchise has won the Challenge Cup more than any other franchise in league history.

History Edit

The Blizzard were founded in Season 2 as the Edmonton Comets by Jay McDonald, a former SHL Commissioner. "JayMac" would make an immediate impact in the SHL, selecting Mikey Broomfield as the Comets' first ever draft pick, in addition to acquiring a number of top players and making a push for the Challenge Cup in the Comets' inaugural season. The team went on to win it's first Challenge Cup in Season 3, and would repeat the victory in Season 4, becoming the first ever back-to-back Challenge Cup winners, as well as the first franchise to win the Cup twice.

McDonald would step down before Season 6, leaving the team in the hands of young prospect Seth Plaut as the new General Manager. Plaut, while a very active and well known member, would run into great trouble while managing the team. While the organization would draft a number of influential players including Elias Armia and others, they failed to make the playoffs a single time during Plaut's tenure as General Manager. Continued losing seasons led to the re-branding of the Comets as the Edmonton Blizzard in Season 10 in an attempt to bring new life to the franchise.

Cole Reinhart, a former 6th overall pick of the Comets, was named General Manager in Season 11, marking the end of the Plaut Era in Edmonton. The Blizzard saw immediate improvement, making the playoffs for the first time since Season 5 after bringing in big name players such as Tom Corcoran and Jed Mosley. These players would go on to help the Blizzard to their first Challenge Cup in nine season in S13. Despite a down year in Season 14, the Blizzard would rebound by winning back-to-back Challenge Cups in Seasons 15 and 16, making them repeat champions for the second time in franchise history.

Season History Edit

Season Record Playoffs
2 29-8-3 Lost in Finals (2-4 to West Kendall Platoon)
3 28-6-6 Won Challenge Cup (4-0 over Hamilton Steelhawks)
4 34-2-4 Won Challenge Cup (4-1 over West Kendall Platoon)
5 26-12-6 Lost in Second Round (3-4 to Vancouver Ice Wolves)
6 25-27-8 Did not qualify
7 13-29-8 Did not qualify
8 23-25-2 Did not qualify
9 14-31-5 Did not qualify
10 12-31-7 Did not qualify
11 33-16-1 Lost in First Round (3-4 to Texas Renegades)
12 24-20-6 Lost in Second Round (3-4 to Winnipeg Jets)
13 32-12-6 Won Challenge Cup (4-1 over Manhattan Rage)
14 24-22-4 Did not qualify
15 38-7-5 Won Challenge Cup (4-1 over West Kendall Platoon)
16 22-19-9 Won Challenge Cup (4-2 over Toronto North Stars)
17 27-20-3 Lost in First Round (3-4 to Los Angeles Panthers)
18  34-10-6 Lost in Second Round (3-4 to Seattle Riot)
19 22-18-10 Did not qualify
20 26-22-2 Did not qualify
21 26-18-8 Lost in First Round (3-4 to Texas Renegades)
22 28-20-4 Lost in Second Round (3-4 to Los Angeles Panthers)

Honoured MembersEdit

Retired NumbersEdit

No. Player Position Career
11 Jay McDonald RW S2-S10
66 Sergei Karpotsov C S3-S4
67 Lucas Smith LW S9-S22

Hall of FameEdit

The Edmonton Blizzard have had 10 players inducted into the SHL Hall of Fame.

Player Position Inducted
Sergei Karpotsov C S7
Pavol Skvoznak LW S14
Ron Mexico C S15
Jay McDonald RW S17
Elias Armia RW S18
Tom Corcoran G S20
Mike Honcho G S20
Reggie Williams C S21
Jed Mosley D S21
Nick Fisher RW S21

The Blizzard have 1 member inducted in the SHL General Manager Hall of Fame

General Manager Inducted
Jay McDonald S13

Franchise Scoring LeadersEdit

Legend: Pos = Position; GP = Games played; G = Goals; A = Assists; Pts = Points; * = current Blizzard Player

Player POS GP G A P
Lucas Smith* LW 550 196 229 425
Jay McDonald RW 495 180 225 405
Laraque Obama LW 438 154 175 329
Cole Reinhart D 498 61 233 294
Kyle Keenan* LW 300 93 155 248

First Round SelectionsEdit

  • S2 - Mikey Broomfield (7th Overall)
  • S4 - Joshua Botelho (3rd Overall)
  • S6 - Dougie Brind'Amour (7th Overall)
  • S7 - Elias Armia (1st Overall), Gabriel Johanson (5th Overall), Jarkko Vatinnen (6th Overall)
  • S8 - Antero Salmelainen (1st Overall), Sam Slade (2nd Overall), Cole Reinhart (6th Overall)
  • S9 - Teemu Nurmi (5th Overall)
  • S10 - Michael Haan (1st Overall), Alexander Andrezjeck (4th Overall), John Langabeer (5th Overall)
  • S13 - Jakub Aittokallio (9th Overall)
  • S15 - Mikhail Krivokrasov (2nd Overall), Riko Muerto (10th Overall)
  • S21 - Theo Kane (4th Overall)

Current RosterEdit

# NAT PLAYER POS S/G TPE Acquired Birthplace
Belial LW L 646 S14 The Dead Sea
Emils Vilmenietis LW R 848 S14 Riga, Latvia
Riko Muerto LW L 1047 S15 Reykjavik, Iceland
1280px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg
Mikhail Kladno C L 571 S21 Prague, Czech Republic
1280px-Flag of Germany.svg
Volker Bayer-Holtby D L 313 S20 Bremen, Germany
Magnus Vikstrand D L 633 S18 Orebro, Sweden
Flag of Slovakia.svg
Ondrej Ravchitikov D R 777 S21 Bratislava, Slovakia
1000px-Flag of Canada.svg
Lars Slinger RW R 351 S20 Victoria, B.C.
Alens Paurs D 314 S20 Talsi, Latvia
1000px-Flag of Canada.svg
Mark Longford RW R 470 S20 Vancouver, B.C.
1235px-Flag of the United States.svg
Jackson Rogers-Tanaka D R 1273 S20 Kadena U.S. Airbase, Okinawa, Japan
1000px-Flag of Canada.svg
Lucas Smith LW L 751 S9 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
1000px-Flag of Canada.svg
Theo Kane RW R 264 S21 Vancouver, BC
Flag of Finland.svg
Antero Pelkonen G R 218 S21 Tampere, Finland
Flag of Finland.svg
Jakub Aittokallio G R 1322 S13 Tampere, Finland
1235px-Flag of the United States.svg
Matthew Buchesner D L 744 S17 Sacramento, California
1235px-Flag of the United States.svg
Isabella Esparza-Osvaldson LW R 385 S21 Chicago, Illinois 
1000px-Flag of Canada.svg
Nathan Wong C L 365 S20 Toronto, Ontario
1235px-Flag of the United States.svg
Kyle Keenan LW R 1123 S15 Chicago, Illinois
1235px-Flag of the United States.svg
Dickie Adua C R 338 S14 USA