Hamilton Steelhawks
Steelhawks teambar
Conference Eastern Conference (SHL)
City Hamilton, Ontario
Colors blue, black, silver
General manager Tanner, LVShark
Championships One (S11)

The Hamilton Steelhawks are a professional ice hockey team based in Hamilton, Ontario. They are members of the Eastern Conference of the SHL and one of the original franchises of the league. The Steelhawks have been one of the leagues most consistent teams and own the current record for All-Time wins for a franchise with an overall record of 544 W - 319 L - 101 OTL (27-16-5 average) as of S20. They've made the playoffs sixteen seasons out of twenty total and are currently on an eleven season streak. Although they have represented the Eastern Conference seven times in the Challenge Cup Finals, the Hamilton Steelhawks have only managed to win one Challenge Cup and that was in Season 11.

History Edit

The team was founded in the inaugural season by Tony Falone (mikeorfei) and had a very disappointing first couple seasons. After S1, Falone left the league and was replaced by Scott Stevens. The Steelhawks missed the playoffs and were awarded the 1st overall pick and picked Drayson Williams, who is considered one of the biggest busts in SHL history. After missing the playoffs again, there was yet another GM change, with Ron Bolt taking over. Bolt, alongside Taldon Shepard, Eliseo Zamora and Scott Stevens made up the core of the team that made a "Cinderella run" to the finals in S3, when they were swept by the Comets in 4 games. After this successful season, things were looking up in Hamilton. The GM carousel continued and this time Will Secord took charge. They had a decent season that ended with a first round loss to the West Kendall Platoon.

After four seasons with four different general managers, the Steelhawks finally found some measure of stability with the hiring of Raymond Lindsay. With Steelhawks legends Bolt and Stevens requesting trades, Hamilton entered a rebuild. Lindsay managed to assemble a young core of players including Roberto Martucci, Ronan O'Keefe, Audun Wissink, Kevin Lebacon and Tom Corcoran. These players were all essential parts of Steelhawks teams for at least the next 5 seasons. After being eliminated by the Platoon for a second consecutive season, the Steelhawks missed the playoffs altogether in S6. The following season, the Steelhawks' young prospects had developed into rising stars, and Hamilton made it all the way to the finals, where they were swept by the Winnipeg Jets. Looking to shake up his team, Lindsay made a series of trades and ended up with two first round picks. With those he selected Joe McKeil and Darian Scherbluk, two future superstars. The Steelhawks were expected to contend for the Challenge Cup. They had one of the best teams in the league, but the chemistry just was not there and they ended up not qualifying for the playoffs. After this disastrous season, Lindsay resigned and named Ronan O'Keefe as his successor.

Later Seasons Edit

With new GM's at the helm of the Hamilton Steelhawks, they've decided to take the team into a new direction and bring in a new era to the Hamilton Steelhawks organization. The roster is full of exceptional young, active players and prospects such as Griffin Simons, Franklin Trey, Jakob Tanner, Friedrich Muller, Michael J. Caboose, Rider Clitsome and Cameron Urbowicz.

Team Leaders (as of S16) Edit

  • Games Played: Rehn Miller, Brandon Cant (400)
  • Goals: Joe McKeil (160)
  • Assists: Brandon Cant (207)
  • Points: Joe McKeil (291)
  • Penalty Minutes:
  • Hits:
  • Shots Blocked:
  • Goaltender Games Played:
  • Goaltender Wins:
  • Goaltender Losses:
  • Shutouts

Season History Edit

Season Record Playoffs
1 15-18-7 Did not qualify
2 13-17-10 Did not qualify
3 15-21-4 Lost Challenge Cup Finals (4-0 Edmonton Comets)
4 18-13-9 Lost Round One 4-1 (West Kendall Platoon)
5 28-12-4 Lost East Finals 4-1 (West Kendall Platoon)
6 28-25-7 Did not qualify
7 26-20-4 Lost Challenge Cup Finals (4-0 Winipeg Jets)
8 26-21-3 Did not qualify
9 27-16-7 Lost Challenge Cup Finals (4-1 Calgary Dragons)
10 40-7-3 Lost East Finals (4-3 Minnesota Chiefs)
11 27-19-4 Won Challenge Cup (4-1 Calgary Dragons)
12 33-17-0 Lost Round One (4-1 Minnesota Chiefs)
13 29-17-4 Lost Round One (4-0 Minnesota Chiefs)
14 30-16-4 Lost Round One (New England Wolfpack 4-2)
15 30-12-8 Lost Round One (Toronto North Stars 4-1)
16 29-15-6 Lost Round One (Toronto North Stars 4-2)
17 31-13-6 Lost East Finals (4-3 Toronto North Stars)
18 29-17-4 Lost Round One (4-3 Minnesota Chiefs)
19 35-10-5 Lost Challenge Cup Finals (4-2 Winnipeg Jets)
20 35-13-2 Lost Challenge Cup Finals (4-1 Texas Renegades)
21 30-19-3 Lost Challenge Cup Finals (4-1 Texas Renegades)
22 21-26-5 Did not qualify