The Hamilton Steelhawks currently are heading into a new era and we've flipped a decade long page in our history book. Within the last few seasons, we've managed to pick up some very exceptional youth through the drafts. Their presence in our locker room has been extremely active and fun and they've really become apart of our organization. They pretty much are our SHL family. These guys have done extremely well and I'm happy with the direction that were taking our club. We have the fullest confidence in our youth and they know it and they've taken that confidence and have given us great results thus far. 

Although our page had turned, a few of the same pieces still remain. Joe McKeil, Ivo Willems and Magnus Jakobsen are the top players for the Hamilton Steelhawks this season and they have a big load to carry. Each player has been apart of this organization for some time, Joe obviously being the oldest and wisest. He's our best player and ultimately the best guy to lead the Hamilton Steelhawks as he's done for many, many seasons. With that being said.. 

Your Hamilton Steelhawk Captain..   JOE MCKEIL!  

The Assistants could have went to any young, active player that wasn't involved in this draft too be honest. They've all been great for us and have done a lot already for us! Our entire locker room easily could get an "A" and there's more people that also are deserving, however, these final two players have been extremely active, have committed to us big time and are all around great guys and Steelhawks! Without further delay, your final two Steelhawk Captains for S21..

Friedrich Muller and Griffin Simons!  

I'm extremely excited for S21 and am excited to see some of these guys jump up to the plate as some pretty big opportunities have come up for them. Also, within the next day or so the Steelhawks are going to have a very important, special announcement.

Thanks everyone