Minnesota Chiefs
Chiefs teambar
Conference Eastern Conference (SHL)
City St. Paul, Minnesota
Colors green, red, yellow
General manager JayTee (Head), ArGarBarGar (Co)
Captain Pedro Sarantez
Championships 2

The Minnesota Chiefs are a team in the Eastern Conference of the SHL. They entered the league in the second ever SHL Expansion alongside the Los Angeles Panthers. The Chiefs have won two Challenge Cup Championships in S10 and S12 while appearing in two other Challenge Cup Finals in S6 and S18.

History Edit

The Chiefs' inaugural season was S5 and while Minnesota was only able to win eight games in their first year ing the league, things started to look up soon after. Fueled by their S5 and S6 draftees as well as a good expansion draft, the Chiefs were already much improved in their second season when players such as Brodie Witzel, Robert Spezza, Kyle Derringer, Zach Miller and Christoph Klose lead them into the playoffs for the first time. In one of the most memorable playoffs the SHL has ever seen, the both most recent expansion teams Minnesota and Los Angeles made it to the Challenge Cup finals in only their second year of existence. The series went all the way to game seven overtime, where Jeff Dar won it for the Panthers with a powerplay goal. It took the Chiefs a while to stomach that bitter game 7 loss and they missed the playoffs in the following season, but the team was far from broken.

From Season 8 on Minnesota made the playoffs six years in a row, winning two cups in the process (S10 and S12) and making it to the Eastern Conference Finals another three times. The best generation of Chiefs players to date includes names such as Zach Miller, the franchise top-scorer, Nick Fisher, David Winter, Brodie Witzel, Niclas Wastlund, Reggie Williams, Christoph Klose, Ja'Far Dar, Jackson Turska, Gene Parmesan, Jon Doran and maybe the best playoff goaltender in SHL-history, Brandon Sawyer. Not all of these players were on board for both cup wins, Brodie Witzel for example left the Chiefs via free agency the off-season before the team won their first ever cup, while Reggie Williams wasn't brought in until after that first win. Others such as David Winter or Christoph Klose were traded between Season 10 and 12 but still rank highly in the franchises all time player statistics.

After this "golden generation", things started to take a downward spiral for the Chiefs though. In Season 13 they made the playoffs for the last time in many years and entered their first rebuild, which proved to be a rather rocky one. The team went through multiple GMs and neither Toast nor HabsFanFromOntario or Banjo Kazooie were able to turn things around. The Chiefs poor draft record since Season 11 started to hurt the franchise tremendously and in some of the worst years of their rebuild, the team didn't even have its own first round selection. Not a lot of players from this era stayed on the team for long and even though the Chiefs made it back to the playoffs in Season 18 and even all the way to the finals, they didn't make it back to the playoffs until Season 22. The Chiefs have recently gotten a new General Manager in one of the very rare open application processes held by the league, experienced member JayTee took over and began the rebuilding process to make Minnesota a contender again.

Honoured Members Edit

Captains Edit

  • Brodie Witzel (S5)
  • Kyle Derringer (S6)
  • Jackson Turska (S7-S14)
  • Sergei Zherdev (S16)
  • Tom Sawyer (S17-S18)
  • Ryan Sullivan (S20-S22)
  • Alonzo Garbanzo (S23-Present)

Wall of Fame Edit

No. Player. Position. Career.
21 Zach Miller Forward S6-S12
12 Jackson Turska Forward S5-S14
44 Jon Doran Defence S5-S14

Hall of Fame Edit

Player Position Inducted
Jeff Dar LW S11
Pavol Skvoznak LW S14
Mike O'Brien GM S14
Christoph Klose LW S18
Robert Spezza C S19
Brandon Sawyer G S19
Brodie Witzel C S20
Reggie Williams C S21
Nick Fisher RW S21

First Round Draft Picks Edit

  • Brodie Witzel (S5, Pick 4)
  • Zach Miller (S6, Pick 1)
  • David Winter (S7, Pick 3)
  • Niclas Wastlund (S8, Pick 4)
  • Ja'Far Dar (S9, Pick 7)
  • Emma Watson (S11, Pick 12)
  • Reinhold Deitrich (S12, Pick 10)
  • Christian Bauer (S13, Pick 1)
  • Tom Sawyer (S16, Pick 3)
  • Walter White (S17, Pick 2)
  • Saoul Commeunbotte (S17, Pick 7)
  • Gustav Grimm (S17, Pick 12)
  • Ryan Sullivan (S19, Pick 1)
  • Jonathan Kane (S19, Pick 7)
  • Jamie Hawkins (S20, Pick 6)
  • Pedro Sarantez (S20, Pick 12)
  • Alonzo Garbanzo (S21, Pick 2)
  • Chernika Banananov (S22, Pick 7)