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This is the wiki for the Simulation Hockey League (SHL) and its associated leagues, the Simulation Major Junior Hockey League (SMJHL) and the international IIHF league. SHL members are welcome to add or update content.

The SHLEdit

The Simulation Hockey League is a browser-based simulation hockey website. The current incarnation of the SHL was created in 2010 by Jay Bris, JKrever, Leafs4Ever and McDonald. The league is dedicated to offering the most realistic and enjoyable experience possible, running off of the SimonT Hockey Simulation Program. The league currently sits at 14 teams, 7 in the Eastern Conference and 7 in the Western Conference. The league also consists of a minor league called the SMJHL (Simulation Major Junior Hockey League) which consists of 8 teams, 4 in the Eastern Conference and 4 in the Western Conference.

Active SHL Teams
Calgary Dragons · Edmonton Blizzard · Hamilton Steelhawks · Los Angeles Panthers · Manhattan Rage · Minnesota Chiefs · New England Wolfpack · Seattle Riot · Texas Renegades · Toronto North Stars · West Kendall Platoon · Winnipeg Jets

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