John Heimer-Schmidt holding the 4 star cup after the Whalers defeat of the St Louis Scarecrows in the S19 Final

The Simulation Major Junior Hockey League is the first destination for any new player to the SHL. After playing for a season on any of the league's 6 franchises, a player may or may not be selected by an SHL team in the SHL Entry Draft.


The Simulation Major Junior Hockey league is the Juniors counterpart to the Simulation Hockey League. Much like other Juniors leagues, new player are selected in the SMJHL entry draft, where they spend one season to hone their skills before being taken in the SHL Entry Draft. After being taken in the SHL Entry Draft, their new GMs have the option to send the player back down to their SMJHL team until they're good enough to be called up. The League consists of 6 franchises, split up into two divisions. There's the Western Division, which contains the Vancouver Whalers, the Regina Force, and the Kelowna Knights, as well as the Eastern Division, which contains the Detroit Falcons, Montreal Impact, and St Louis Scarecrows. Each season, the winner of each division's respective playoffs partake in a best-of-7 series for the 4 star cup.

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