sparks lightning is an alien hockey player from the planet Iceton, a planet from a galaxy far away. He was drafted to the SHL by the New England Wolfpack and also join the expansion team at the time, the Portland Admirals. Unfortunately he wasn't good enough for the SHL. He crash landed on Earth due to a war so bad in his planet that he had to flee. Lightning crash land in Yellowknife and walk his way to Regina. From there he joined the Regina Force/Prince George Firebirds and became a fan favorite. But suddenly after a few seasons, Sparks lightning got lazy and wanted to focus on his music career as a rapper, Sparks started to do terribly at hockey and was released by the Firebirds. He signed with Montreal, the year they made it to the Four star cup but lost to the Mammoths. Lightning is now retired from both rapping and hockey. He owns a hockey camp now. He got married to his long time girlfriend Ethel. They have one son Gregory. Unfortunately he cheated on his wife and slept with 2 other women giving birth to 2 more sons. Now divorce, sparks lives in Virginia with 3 adopted children. One of those children, Vincent Garland wants to rap and play hockey