Texes Renegades
Renegades teambar
Conference Western Conference (SHL)
City Dallas, Texas
Colors Black, Silver, White
General manager NathanAD

Midas Whale

Captain Brendan Gibbon
Championships Three (S14, S20, S21)

The Texas Renegades are a professional ice hockey team based in Dallas, Texas. They are members of the Western Conference of the SHL. The Renegades have won three Challenge Cups. One in S14 and two back-to-back in S20 and S21.

The team was founded in S10 as an expansion team by former General Manager and Commissioner of the league, Wadester. The Texas Renegades have been playing in the American Airlines Centre since their creation.

In S14, the Texas Renegades won their first Challenge Cup four seasons after being created. Six seasons later, S20, the Texas Renegades once again held the Challenge Cup for the second time. They then had a repeat the following season, S21.

Texas Renegade currently has 5 people who were inducted into the Hall of Fame. Those players being Roberto Martucci, Elias Armia, Aidan Richan, Tyler Brace (GM), Frankie Gooseneck.

Team Leaders Edit

  • Games Played: Chris Partlow, Brendan Gibbon (400)
  • Goals: Lionel Byrde (95)
  • Assists: Chris Partlow (253)
  • Points: Chris Partlow (335)
  • Penalty Minutes: Chris Partlow (503)
  • Hits: Chris Partlow (655)
  • Shots Blocked: Chris Partlow (595)
  • Goaltender Games Played: Jonas Gustavo (286)
  • Goaltender Wins: Jonas Gustavo (143)
  • Goaltender Losses: Jonas Gustavo (106)
  • Save Percentage: Jordin FourFour (91.0%)
  • Goals Against Average: Jordin FourFour (2.28)
  • Shutouts: Jordin FourFour (26)

Note: stats only shown from Season 13 onward as records have been lost.

Season History Edit

Season Record Playoffs
10 21-20-9 Did not qualify
11 25-17-8 Lost in Semi-Finals (3-4 to Calgary Dragons)
12 22-21-7 Lost in Round One (1-4 to Winnipeg Jets)
13 26-19-5 Lost in Round One (2-4 to Edmonton Blizzard)
14 25-20-5 Won Challenge Cup (4-2 over New England Wolfpack)
15 25-19-6 Lost in Round One (3-4 to Calgary Dragons)
16 27-20-3 Lost in Round One (1-4 to Calgary Dragons)
17 24-20-6 Lost in Conference Finals (3-4 to Los Angeles Panthers)
18 23-23-4 Did not qualify
19 23-24-3 Did not qualify
20 33-14-3 Won Challenge Cup (4-1 over Hamilton Steelhawks)
21 34-14-4 Won Challenge Cup (4-1 over Hamilton Steelhawks)
22 23-25-4 Did not qualify